By Janie C2 Pecanty

Chief Co.Creator and Founder, THE CO.CREATION EXPERIMENT

I am a. bold, authentic, wholehearted, creative co.creator. I make vibrations with my thoughts.

I was a petite’ mignonette, a pretty lil’ Cajun girl with an ever-breaking, beautiful heart.

Exposed, humiliated, I became a heavy-headed, sorrowful soul. I embodied my shadow.

Oh, if I could fill the void. Instead descent spawned farther descent until there I sat, empty in a bottomless pit.

I wanted love, wanted love, wanted love oh but I just couldn’t give enough.

My mind broke with reality. Love became my only option. I had to give love; I had to trust. I had to really trust. I had to love. I had to really love.

Like Paul on the road to Damascus, I saw the light. Then I heard the call.

You are beautiful. You are light. You shine bright in the field of infinite possibility.

You are Artemis. You are a creative rebel rising. Hooray for you Riff Raff. You are perfectly imperfect. Make the most of the world’s resistance.

Do not run from the past; it will define you.

Embrace it.

Rumble with it.

Learn from it.

Thrive because of it.

Your vulnerability will make you the best kind of dangerous.

Today, in this moment, I am resilient. I am momentum building. I am ego dissipating. I am ego-lessoning.

I am tempo feeling, momentum resounding, consciousness rising.

I am a Cajun queen. I am royal.


I dance. I create. I rise to the drum beat of my own soul. The rhythm of the cosmos is my rhythm.


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