Check out this piece we created: M Power and The Co.Creation Experiment. Nothing new comes from comfort zones, and when one experiences M Power he/she becomes a collaborator with them in adding value to the lives of both.

BELOW ARE SOME OF MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS as I see them as the future value adding business.


  1. Consumers get an important role as communicators and brand evangelists. Consumers = cocreator of value. The sharing of the experience trumps polished pitching
  2. 2. It is no longer a one way street — -> Company!
  3. This approach is not sufficient in getting into the heads and the hearts. of your intended audience/future consumer/client!!
  4. 3. Also, shouting a one-sided, generic message is. no longer COOL AND IS NOT The higher value demanded by evolved, company-consumer relationship.
  5. 4. Those who see their company as just that, a company (or as just a service) fail to realize that people do not relate to companies . We are not robots, we are not computers or government agencies, so BRANDS SHOULD BE EXPRESSIONS OF VALUE AND OF HUMAN EXPERIENCES. The company that becomes a brand rises beyond spreadsheets and bottom lines. They become part of our story. Their vision becomes part of a community’s essence and can greatly enrich and MPower the collective.

FINALLY, as everything is changing — as we begin to make THE LIFE CHANGING and life-saving connection: that thoughts feelings and emotions AND THE PHYSICAL BODY ARE INTERACTIVE and dependent upon one another. Thus, health and well-being is holistic. No longer can symptoms much less full blown conditions be seen as fragmented from the whole: mind, body, spirit. Thus, huge opportunities for consumer-driven HOLISTIC or WHOLE APPROACH HEALTHCARE IS COMING.

This touches my heart because we FINALLY HAVE A CHANCE AT REAL HEALING. Of course it’s all connected. You realize this especially as time goes by. I cannot believe how we ever thought of this concept of fragmentation when the very atoms that make up our bodies are what make up EVERYTHING ELSE, from wood to stardust and these atoms form molecules that form organs that form systems that can function faster than the speed of the light synchronistically and intelligently, performing billions of sophisticated activities ALL AT THE SAME TIME and yet we are supposed to believe our mind is related to this activity simply as synapsids brain activity. I am so thankful for yoga and well-being and healing centers as their invested interest is obviously the human interest and one that heals through connection, through using the full potential of this human life:

“Health tech is blazing hot right now and there’s no shortage of companies working on innovative products designed to change the face of healthcare as we know it. That’s a good thing, considering Americans are as unfit as ever and bureaucracy continues to muck things up for physicians and patients alike. As technology evolves, it could upend some of these problems. One thing that’s certain: Consumer-driven healthcare is coming.”

Piece by created by The Co.Creation Experiment.