When we are not emotionally stimulated, we go into a state called “laziness.” We hide out. Laziness is one of THE SYSTEM’S terms we have imposed upon ourselves to make us do the things we do not want to do for fear of being. perceived as lazy.

When in reality who the hell would really want to do the stuff we make ourselves do or for the reasons we tend to do them.

Some of us have gotten better at doing them, and we justify and reward ourselves while we impose a judgmental eye on others. “They are just lazy,” we say.

Some of us are better at hiding out. We close our door to the world knowing what we are trying to make ourselves do does not feel right. For if it did, we would do it and without the negative feelings of righteousness just mentioned.

Physical stimulation (the desire to do something and get something done) is directly related to emotional stimulation.

The more ulterior motives or EGO motives (I should, I am supposed to, I can’t do that unless I do this, or what will they think of me if I don’t), the less pure and the less pure emotional passion with which to do it will exist. And the less motivation, much less inspiration will you exert.

And goodness if you do do it and didn’t want to, that energy WILL ABSOLUTELY GO SOMEWHERE.

It will become resentment or self-loathing, and then continues the cycle of “proving oneself” or “judging.”


When we do things from our heart, and we do them with zeal, passion and fortitude, they are always connected to the higher dimensions of consciousness:

Creativity, beauty, truth and in service of others — all from a sense of abundance.

Meaning there must be a balance between give and take, but that is not your focus when you do things from a higher spiritual plane of consciousness. When we can be smart enough and loving enough to OURSELVES AND KNOW OUR WORTH AND RESPECT OUR INTUITION, we can choose freely to do things. As Walt Whitman says,

“Do not do anything that insults your soul.”

We can then love ourselves enough when to know the difference between giving and over giving and will give them to those who can receive the beautiful gift while not worrying so much about those who cannot receive, who will not allow it.

As you begin to understand abundance and cause and effect (karma, law of attraction and give and take), you begin to give knowing God’s world exists in complete abundance, and you are complete abundance. You will stop

Chasing those who cannot receive,

the universe will take of the rest.

The universe will give you back it and more as it is abundant.

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