Playing Golf Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Janina Casey, currently the managing director of BTIG in New York City, has worked in equity sales for nearly 20 years. In her leisure time, Janina Casey enjoys the outdoors and likes to hike, travel, and play golf, a sport that also helps many people reduce stress and anxiety.

No matter what type of life a person leads, he or she can experience stress. For many people, stress makes itself known in different ways, ranging from low energy and stomach upset to mood swings and insomnia. A little stress isn’t always harmful, but if it continues, it can cause the body serious damage. Golf is a sport that can counteract these symptoms, with its mix of fresh air, movement, and friendship.

Playing golf is a way to get outside, breathe, and enjoy a change of scenery. At the same time, the endorphins released through exercise can help ease body pains and make falling asleep at night much easier. Psychological health can be improved by consistent play, with mood and self-esteem rising after a player makes a great putt.