PSD2 explained in 3 simple gifs

Janis Graubins
Jul 25, 2016 · 5 min read

Strong 2-factor authentication

More than one second factor would mean more than “security level” to fit different security scenarios, according to the severity of the action to be done.” Pascual de Juan Núñez adds.

Banks will become identity holders

Legally binding means some liabilities, and has some risk probability to be covered, which could be weighted and charged accordingly to handle claims like “you ensured me this identity was right, and it is not”. This approach should evolve from “wouldn’t it be nice?” to “how much would I pay for it?” Pascual de Juan Núñez comments.

ideal scenario, where a mobile solution is used for a non-intrusive user experience

Future beyond PSD2

Thanks to Pascual de Juan Núñez

Janis Graubins

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Senior Business Analyst at Verum Capital, Board Member at Notakey.

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