Mirror vs Selfie — value addition aspects

Selfies are so commonplace with our mobile phones that Apple has introduced a selfie folder in its latest release iOS 9.0. Why has this selfie become a phenomenon?

Are we new to taking our own snaps or snapshots? I was wondering why are we so delighted with taking selfies that even Heads of states are adopting this trend. It is not about self branding. If you look at it carefully, it is capturing some unique moments to cherish. Capturing those glorious events and moments — with you in the foreground.

What has made such an impact to every one of us before selfies? The age old, traditional selfie platform — the mirror. Mirror has given us the good, bad and the ugly in us. It has helped us introspect ourselves. We have all, at some point of time, spoken to ourselves in front of a mirror — whether as a prep to a defense or recall what we did and explore our actions.

Maybe it looks crazy to see a similarity here but mirror and modern day selfies are kind of value add. If you see some value, you will see the addition.

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