On Feeling Weird About Tesla
Hank Green

This makes me sad.

Not because I’m disappointed in you- for any reason. But because this is never something I’ve considered. I’m from the country, from a town of 200 people, and 2k cows. But I’ve never thought of this, because in the same breath.. well, I’m from Marin County, California. I went to High School in Sebastopol, CA. I’m sick of the taking the ferry to SF, and Tiburon is an eye-sore. In that world, even in that small country town- Tesla is the mark of ‘rich man doing the right thing.’ Because, in that life, everyone knows that no matter what house you have or car you drive, there’s a 45% chance you’re outrageously rich. And it’s not a big deal. I’m poor, he’s not, whatever, life goes on. When the model S came out, it was worthy of noticing for about 6 months. Now? It’s the next Prius. People still notice it as an individual, different, car, but it’s everywhere. You can’t get on 101 without seeing one. And that’s the S. Even with it’s 70k price tag.

This makes me sad because I’ve been expecting the the 3 to become the rest of America’s Prius. That I’m-spending-a-bit-more-than-I-otherwise-would because it’s *good* of me too(!) car. I think this makes me sad because you point out that, until the rest of the world catches up, a Tesla is still going to be a Tesla in rural America. And realistically, I hope that never happens. I hope Tesla keeps pushing the boundaries and challenging what it means to be green. Even if that means that people will opt out for the sake of a low profile.

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