Now THAT’S really bad
Elona Landau

Elona, I think you are right on with this. And I think it dances around the same dis-connect that more Republicans’ “misconduct in public restrooms” has been exposed than democrats’ similar misdeeds. These are the same people who rage against a liberal transgender bathroom policy. There is that thing about not wanting to look in the mirror… And the recent revelation that suicide among gay/transgender teens went down since gay marriage became legalized. IMO it all points to the same thing: Suppression of something “unacceptable” does not eliminate it, just forces it out in other ways (think religions that promote sexual repression).

Yet when it comes to cut and dry harm against others — rape, pedophelia, murder — the reaction is all over the map, from desensitizaton to outrage. I guess that points to social status. If white men were raped with greater frequency what would the social landscape look like?

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