Why is nobody talking about User Marketing?
Alivia Smith

Wow! What a read experience…Thank you so much for your awesome article… I´m working for a database company with cutting edge technology but quite beta marketing, yet :). Coming from a user facing product and marketing backround I know how important the whole user journey is — form the first touch to the everyday use of especially a technical product. For me transferring UX into marketing has one key element to it that makes it the ONLY way to go: Honesty. Much marketing is done to sell crap as a flower. That might work for a short period but with all the digital stuff around us, the word about crap goes viral as well. With the user in mind and data to learn you create the potential to a reliable and longterm success. I used some of your tactics and advices in my former company… a IT-recruiting agency and designed the experience from first contact to the final mail… after putting the last stone into the user-marketing-path we achieved +160% in conversion and got a lot of positive feedback about the honest, open and professional service. This is what you want! Happy people who use your stuff but to achieve it, understand exactly what they need.

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