I don’t know what I hope to achieve through these entries. I have long contemplated writing my thoughts. I don’t know why I haven't earlier. Maybe I was scared, maybe I was nervous of what it would entail, or maybe I was just confused. I am still confused about many things, most of which consisting of the the movement of life. I have failed countless times. I am still failing. And I will still continue to fail. I am content with that, but choose to make the best out of those failures . . . a spectacle of of those failures.

Here in these entries are some of the highs, some of the lows, and many moments blended between. Here in these entries, are my raw unedited thoughts and contemplation. I don’t know what I am or will be writing about, but I know I hope . . . utterly hope to find some sense of direction.

Perhaps I am talking to my self. Perhaps I am right. Perhaps I am very wrong. Perhaps that’s true. But I am willing to take such initiative.

So I hope you will join me Janus.

I hope you will join me in this mysterious journey.

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