How to use templated URLs with Firefox

With the help of templated URLs it is possible to create powerful shortcuts
for surfing in the world wide web.


(a) Via the bookmark manager

1. Open the bookmark manager [Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks]
2. Add a new bookmark

3. Enter the URL to be templated into the “Location” input field. Enter “%s” where you want to have the template. What’s also important is to enter one word into the “Keyword” field.

4. Enter the keyword and the template value into the address bar

5. Now the full URL has been calculated and we have reached the target website.

(b) Directly from a search input field

There is also an easier way for the setup of templated URLs which can be used to create bookmark shortcuts for search fields.

1. Go to a website with a search input field, e.g.
2. Right-click on the search input field and select “Add a Keyword for this search”

3. Select and enter a keyword

4. Enter the keyword and the search term in the address bar

Useful Examples

Access on log files

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