Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Autumn Leaves!

Quite a few tourists around the world land in Japan to experience cherry blossoms (Sakura) in Spring. However, you can see it whole year around actually ONLY in a particular place. How about viewing cherry blossoms and autumn foliage at once?? Let’s find out where you can have an amazing experience beyond seasons!



First of all, Shikizakura, while it blooms once in Spring, has the best time to view it in November. There are approximately 10,000 trees in Obara District in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. With a little luck, you can find a beautiful collaboration between Sakura and autumn leaves.

Winter cherry blossoms
Jomine Park

Fuyuzakura, a winter cherry blossom, is also famous for Sakura blooming between Autumn and Winter. Why don’t you visit at Jomine Park? It is located in Saitama Prefecture(1277, Yanō, Kamikawa-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama-ken 367–0313.) Fuyuzakura starting to bloom with lighting-up in the end of October is beautiful!

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to plan to view Sakura in Autumn and Winter if you miss the timing in Spring.

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