Why to replace your daily teas with organic matcha tea?

Taking green tea on daily basis keeps you healthy, fit and energized as the green teas are the most powerful sources of anti-oxidants and other vital nutrients. If you are looking for something to keep you fit and help you reduce weight at much faster rate with your workout routines, you can count on matcha. Although, there are several varieties of teas available in the market today, this variety is unique in itself. Featuring a distinct flavor and amazing aroma, matcha tea is preferred by several people across the globe.

Matcha became a significant part of Japanese tea culture when it was first introduced in Japan. Over the year, the Japanese people developed their own unique methods of organic matcha green tea production. Everything is done under closed supervision and with great care so that maximum health benefits can be achieved from the green tea leaves. Below are few details about matcha which makes it a distinct tea variety from others:

  • Source of production- The organic matcha tea powder is directly sourced from Japan. If a tea powder comes from other parts of the world, then surely it is not matcha.
  • Growth, cultivation and production- The faming practices for matcha are performed only with organic ways. Only the youngest tender shade-grown leaves and buds are finely picked when the time comes. These are sorted for quality and slowly stone ground with traditional granite stone mills to produce a full green , talc-like powder.
  • Health benefits- Being a rich arsenal of several nutrients like anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins, mineral, fibers and more, it offers unlimited health benefits. Taking this tea on regular basis maintains metabolism, sugar and cholesterol level. It also combats cancer, burns fats, enhances mood, improves memory and keep you fit and energized.
  • Taste and aroma- Matcha features distinct taste and amazing flavor which leave sweet notes. Old or coarse grade matcha powders have bitter taste but the good quality powders are quiet delicious and aromatic.

Matcha powder is available for different usages through different sources. However, in order to flavor matcha to its fullest you must consume it in the form of tea. The production of Matcha organic green tea is limited to certain Japanese locations and so, online shopping is the only way which makes purchase easy, affordable and possible for worldwide customers. There are some good professional agencies which have created a huge customers base in several parts of the world. Their matcha product comes from Japan only and the official websites feature several savory options under the category. Whether you need matcha powder for health purpose or just to give a delicious tea treat to your guests, they have the variety available. Also, if you think that these are expansive to you, some healthy and delicious daily matcha teas are available for you.

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