Love Letters to God
Alexandro Chen

Trusting that this indeed was an account and not fiction, I am left touched that such lovely stories such as these happen within the walls of these Japanese high schools. Not only in Japan, but in high schools across the world, environments could get too hostile at times; hostile enough for primitive racial and status hierarchies to take root and dominate the way of things within the schoolyard fences. Oftentimes those who fall to the bottom echelons grow up with very little self worth which could prove perilous for these young fruits whose ripening process might get messed up big time; even more so in suicidal Japan where rotten fruit are easily chucked away.

Thank you for this lovely piece of masterful storytelling. It does posit a glimmer of hope for the future of the individual in relation to his/her perception of how the latter would get along with society at large.