It’s more than travel, it’s a lifestyle

Jaqui McCarthy
Jan 26, 2018 · 2 min read

As a VERY mission driven startup founder, one of the most difficult challenges I’ve encountered has been explaining “What is WiGo?” and “What does WiGo Trips do?”.

It’s that WiGo is more than a product. I mean sure, it’s something you can download on the app store. Yes, WiGo is somewhere you can go and meet cool people to travel with, and yep, you can even make money as you travel the world by creating your own adventures you share with other travelers, and sure you can even use it to find the coolest places to go, travel advice, and follow your favorite travelers and watch their journey… but none of that really explains what WiGo is.

WiGo is so much more than a platform, WiGo is a movement. A movement to break away from convention, and start living life the way it’s meant to be lived, while having a sense of belonging as you connect with like-minded people, and accessing the world through travel.

WiGo is a resource that provides you with wisdom, tools, and audiences to help you achieve the life you really want to live.

WiGo is a support system consisting of those who have been there before you. A group that will inspire you to address the real internal conflicts you face every day, especially the decision between living a life confirming to society’s standard and living your truth.

WiGo is community that welcomes you as you are and won’t give up on you. A community that will challenge you to perceive the world differently and help you find the calmness within while motivating you to take the leap… or at least that first step in the right direction.

WiGo is a source for counseling, to help you overcome the fear of failure by removing your self doubt, while reminding you that settling for anything less that what you truly desire is the bigger risk to take.

WiGo is a path you take when you are ready to challenge the status quo, and a guide that helps you along your new journey.

WiGo is a projection of the vision you have for the life you’ve always wanted to live.

WiGo is a reminder that no matter how young or old you may be, what your status is, or where you come from… that no matter what the opinions of others are, or how much they tell you that you can’t… WiGo will be there to remind you that you CAN have what your heart truly desires … A deeper, more intention driven life full of adventure, shared moments, and travel.

WiGo is transformation from being a small part of a shattered system to being a big part in redefining the status quo.

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