But instead of focusing on money; why not focus on other things that are more fulfilling? Things like learning, experience, doing work that you are interested in, adding value to other people’s lives.
10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made
Darius Foroux

A common theme of many successful entrepreneurs is their drive to create something amazing, and to even change lives. In interviews and biographies, they very seldom mention money as the driving force behind their persistent work ethic. Instead, passion is what takes hold of them and is the impetus for their success. Their vision is to see a product or a company (even both) start from nothing and grow to impact lives. Their vision is not to see dollar signs in their bank accounts. The money is not always the reward for them, and not the reason they start. In the end, their legacy is based on what they created and their impact, not how much money they made.

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