Will You Do What Others Won’t?

None of the successful, influential or powerful people you know are where they are because they read reddit, played video games or sat around doing nothing. There are exceptions though. They would be the founders of reddit, or people paid to play video games. But for the others, which is mostly all successful people, they didn’t do those things.

When they had to study, they studied. When they had to work, you know the answer- they worked.

Gary Vaynerchuk explains that when he went to a school reunion, his former classmates were surprised that out of them, he succeeded. They were surprised how ‘lucky’ he was to succeed¹.

He immediately stops and corrects them. He tells them how he wasn’t lucky.

On the weekend he worked in his father’s store. While he did that, his classmates went to The Jersey Shore to get drunk, and waste time and money on useless activities. He mastered the wine business and crafted his sales and marketing abilities. His classmates though, mastered the business of drinking wine.

Gary did what others weren’t willing to do. And still does.

To be successful, you must be willing to do the things today others won’t do in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.
-Les Brown

You have to resist the urge to always party and hang out with friends. There will always be parties to go to. Going to a party after you’ve taken your company public, risen to the top of the New York Times Bestseller’s List or won an Olympic gold medal will be much more fun. That’s when you can celebrate and relax.

It’s futile to relax when you haven’t succeeded. That’s like a Formula 1 driver stopping after completing one tough lap. They won’t win. Someone will always be coming up behind them, and if they’re complacent long enough, they’ll finish last.

How far past where the average person quits are you willing to go? That’s grit in a nutshell.
- Srinivas Rao

It’s good to celebrate some success. But it is a bad idea to celebrate at the end of every week, even if you haven’t achieved anything phenomenal.

Bill Gates can dance now (and in 1995) because he’s succeeded in business. He’s in a position to.

Today he’s working on his charity, and you can be sure his focus and energy are there, not at a party. And certainly not on some video game.

So keep your head down, grind away at your craft, and always ask yourself: Am I doing what others aren’t willing to do?

¹ From Gary’s YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/OTHbFb1fNy4?t=15s

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