• Julia Thompson

    Julia Thompson

    San Francisco native. Student at the University of Virginia studying Leadership & Public Policy. Occasional writer. Constant learner. Overzealous sports fan.

  • Marian Gurowicz

    Marian Gurowicz

    Life Coach, Online Business Woman, Empowered Blogger, Mother of Bill, Jen, & Nicky. Plus 4 cats and 2 dogs.

  • Abe Storey

    Abe Storey

    Entrepreneur, marketer, thinker.

  • Jack DeFuria

    Jack DeFuria

  • Jack He

    Jack He

    Interested in Everything Gaming

  • D Saunders

    D Saunders

    Excited about data + education + workforce dev

  • Richard David Jordan

    Richard David Jordan

    Physicist by education, Hacker by choice, Entrepreneur by compulsion. Founder & CEO App.Co... 'He's a gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat'.

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