Square and Google are seeing the value in Bitcoin and crypto. This interest is an extension of a growing trend.

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The once touted phrase: “Blockchain, Not Bitcoin” — has become less of a prevalent talking point. A phrase that was once used to discredit Bitcoin (and crypto as a whole), seems like a misguided notion, as corporate interest in the nascent crypto industry has increased. This past week, Google and Square, continued to show that Bitcoin and crypto should be embraced, rather than ignored.

Square Buys Bitcoin

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On Thursday (10/8/20), Square revealed that it bought 4,709 bitcoins, totaling $50 million. This purchase represented 1% of Square’s total assets. …

MicroStrategy is the first public company to add Bitcoin to its balance sheet as a reserve asset. Will others follow suit? Here are the reasons why it may not be the last.

Source: MicroStrategy

For those not enamored with Bitcoin, the notion that a company would buy Bitcoin likely seems preposterous. MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, recently revealed that they’ve added more Bitcoin to their reserves, increasing their allocation to 38,250 Bitcoins. It’s clear that MicroStrategy, has a macro strategy. More importantly, MicroStrategy has triggered a domino that may provide a precedence for other companies to pursue.

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Twitter @michael_saylor

MicroStrategy and Its CEO Embrace Bitcoin

The business intelligence and analytics company, which services clients such as Adidas and Coca-Cola, first divulged its initial Bitcoin purchase in August. …

Disproving 12 common myths concerning Bitcoin

The flurry of misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are regularly perpetuated by pundits, but often backed by little research. This tactic is enough to deter potentially interested parties from digging past shallow and superficial falsities. Here are 12 myths that are commonly disseminated, along with information refuting them:

Myth#1: Only for Criminals

According to a 2020 Chainlysis report, only 1.1% …



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