Minnesota State Governor

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton was born and raised in Minnesota. He attended Blake high school and went to Yale University where he would graduate cum laude and play division 1 hockey.

Dayton began his professional career as a 9th grade teacher in New York. He used these years as a teacher to gain knowledge of the education system and decided he wanted a change. After two years teaching Dayton has spent the last 40 years working in politics.

Before becoming governor Dayton was the Commissioner of the Minnesota Departments of Economic Development and Energy and Economic Development, State Auditor and as a United States Senator. He was elected governor in 2010.

Dayton, who is a democrat has done his party well in his first term Dayton helped to add 287,100 jobs, lowered unemployment and legalized gay marriage. Dayton also did a lot to help the working class in Minnesota by raising the minimum wage.

Dayton has also had a large focus on things regarding education. He has made it so students now have more opportunities to succeed by raising funding for schools. This has led to a tax increase in Minnesota, but has so far seen positive results.

Dayton also played a large role in getting the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. The budget for this stadium was over a billion dollars with $348 million coming from the state of Minnesota. Other funding came from the city of Minneapolis as well as the team and private contributors.

These efforts earned Minnesota the top business state in America according to cnbc in 2015. Dayton has always been pushing the democratic agenda and has for the most part in Minnesota succeeded. Minnesota has been a democratic state for sometime and will continue to be that way as long as Dayton is governor.

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