Stop being an idiot boss

I become more convinced all the time that the most undervalued asset of a business is the culture and team unity. Nothing is stronger than a group of people who are aligned on a mission, vision cause and belief. They can move mountains and build Countries. On the flip side of that I’ve found that nothing is more cancerous than gossip. It destroys trust and gets people who were once aligned on the same mission off target. Gossip is simply complaining about a problem with anyone who does not have the ability to solve the problem. It is so destructive and cancerous that it needs to be cut out. It is painful to cut out and feels counterintuitive sometimes, especially if gossip comes from one of your best performers. The unknown is how much stronger and better the organization would be with that person gone. Zero gossip should be part of your Company values that are worth hiring and firing over. Sanctioned incompetence demoralizes the team. If someone is refusing to change and you have been letting them get away with it, fire them right now and apologize to your team for being an idiot. Excellence rises to the top, someone else will fill in your rock star spot and your organization will be better than ever.

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