Great To Be Alive As A Writer.

It’s interesting how the world turns.Growing up,I was obsessed with being a writer and novelist.But I was born into a country,Nigeria,where publishing as an industry never staggered beyond its infancy.And to even put it that way is being charitable.So to aspire to being a writer is an enterprise that is whispered in embarrassment as it could only guarantee a lifetime sentence of poverty and not being taken seriously.The outcome of this bleak situation is that,despite your passion,you struggled to find the motivation to write and hone your craft.As a young man,in order to fit in,and be accepted by family and friends,I became a banker with Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.Later,when I when I received a divine call to quit the bank,and preach the Bible,the courage I got to heed this frightening step was bolstered by what I thought was an opportunity to concentrate more on my writing.Setting up a publishing company,I wrote and published three books,which never went anywhere,in terms of great financial success. Now with online publishing available everywhere,the challenge is no longer how to be motivated,but how to find and use the time wisely to unleash your passion in creating great contents.I say,this is a great time to be alive!

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