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Jarod Machinga is a seasoned real estate investor and entrepreneur. He started flipping and renting out investment properties during college, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Since then, he has built up four businesses under the brand JAMAC including the parent company, JAMAC Construction, JAMAC Electric, and JAMAC Plumbing. When it comes to flipping houses, Machinga knows both the joys of success and the struggles of the learning curve.


“The most important thing to remember when considering flipping a house as an investment is to do your research,” says Machinga. There are four “classes” (as investors often refer to them) of neighborhoods with corresponding price points and pros and cons to consider. Class A would be your most expensive market usually catering to established professionals with high net worth. Class B refers to solid middle-class neighborhoods where homes are still pricey, but perhaps not at the top bracket. Class C refers to working class homes that are modest but stable. Finally, Class D would be homes or neighborhoods catering to low income individuals. Do your homework and know which type of investment you would be making on any given home. Machinga suggests starting your house flipping journey in either class B or C, where the cost of investment isn’t quite as high as class A but the risks are lower than in class D. …


Jarod Machinga

Jarod Machinga — Founder of JAMAC. Hopewell, New Jersey.

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