I love snowboarding, but I don’t like how the cost or perception of cost limits who has the opportunity to do it. I’m a volunteer board member at Snowdays Foundation because I love to be able to share snowboarding with those who might not otherwise get the chance to do it.

Here are my tips on how to get up to Mount Hood and have a good time without breaking the bank.

Go By Bus!

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The Mount Hood Express Arrives At Timberline — Photo from: https://www.oregonbusiness.com/article/item/18099-mountain-bus

Take the Mt. Hood Express! If you catch TriMet out to Gresham Transit Center, you can catch the bus from there. There’s a connector bus to Sandy, but they coordinate so that you can get off the Sandy bus and right onto the Mt. …

Raise Effect, Hack Oregon, and my journey to purposeful data visualization

Why purposeful data visualization?

Because this took me way too long, I’m documenting it for the rest of the internet.

Caveats: If you have file names with odd characters (spaces, etc…), you need to reference this StackOverflow answer. Also, no guarantees on dos2unix, but it seems to be widely used.

Basic steps:

  1. Generate a list of all of the files that changed in the commits that you have made using git diff --name-only
  2. Run the command line utility dos2unix on that list of files (if you’re on Mac OS X you can install it with Homebrew or another tool of your choice)
  3. Add and commit the changed files

Example code:

// This example fixes the last two commits, HEAD~2, in bash
// Run this from your project root
$ git diff --name-only HEAD~2 > ../filesToFix.txt
$ dos2unix $(< ../filesToFix.txt)
$ git commit -am 'Fixed line endings'

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