From Designing to Coding

I used to be an awful designer. Not because the work I did was particularly gross, but because I didn’t design for the coding part.

Y’know, that bit that actually made the thing useful.

I’d think of the most incredibly difficult thing to code, and design that. It’s easy to draw a shape, add a pretty little shadow, and place it in a silly place.

Not only would this look a little weird, it would be awful to code 🙈

As I’ve since found out, it’s not so easy to actually do that in HTML and CSS.

I’m not saying it would be impossible but startups have a time budget—one I didn’t respect.

Respect Your Developer

The amount of times my developer told me to tone things down is too many.

I now understand how frustrating they must’ve felt when I came back with another impossible design.

Since learning to code, I’ve got a lot more compassion.

Being able to understand the time and effort required to build even a simple page has helped me design more clearly.

If you’re a designer, I’d encourage you to learn at least a little bit of CSS and HTML. Enough to understand the implications of your design.

Otherwise you’ll annoy your developer 🙈

I’m writing about something that interests me every day for a year. This is day 72 of 365. ✌️