From Sloths to Gazelles: How Standing Made Us More Productive

Despite having a degree in Ergonomics, I hate standing.

I’d much rather lean, sit, lay, or even asian squat to avoid having to put pressure on my poor legs. My Co-Founder, Jake is just the same. We avoid it, at all costs.

On my end, I’m not sure whether it’s my hip replacement (yes, I’m under 60) or the fact I’m just plain lazy. I mean, we both go to the gym, so it’s not like we have no muscle there.

Despite our hatred for using our legs, we both discovered something. Standing is good for working. Who knew, hey?

It happened because we needed to get our 12 of 12 hours standing. You might be wondering what I’m on about unless you own an Apple Watch. Okay, so it’s kinda ruined our lives, but our Watches force encourage us to stand.

See how seriously I take this?!

While we don’t really care that it’s good for your health, we want to get that glorious 7/7 standing badge. As a side-effect, we found we’ve been much more productive since standing and working on Contentacle.

Brain fog? We stand. Losing the will to write? I stand. Code not working? Jake stands. It’s great, and it makes us work faster, smarter and happier.

Thumbs up for standing.

So even if you hate using your legs too, give standing a go. It might just help your health and work.