Getting My Hands on an Arduino Uno

I was never very interested in electronics as a kid.

Sure, I did the whole bulb and battery exercise but that’s all my school offered. Apparently there was nothing much more to it.

Since learning to code, there’s always been a disconnect between the lines I write and the action which occurs.

It’s all software and nothing physical.

There’s totally nothing wrong with this, but today I got an Arduino Duo to play with and it captured my imagination.

For the first time, my code was doing something actionable in the physical world.

Connecting physical bits and bobs together, routing the electricity through the circuit, and making sure the bloody thing doesn’t blow up and all surprisingly fun.

I never quite understood why some engineers chose to work on physical products, but a small glimpse into the excitement of writing code and having it flash a bulb has made me realise why.

You get immediate feedback.

It’s great to experience something different in development. Whether that’s playing with bots, learning a new language, or buying an Arduino.

So make sure you change up your style every once in a while. It sure has spurred me on to do better with software development.

I’m writing about something that interests me every day for a year. This is day 76 of 365. ✌️

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