Making Time Waiting Around Valuable

It can seem like we spend half of our time waiting around for things, people, events.

Waiting patiently to see our doctor, to jump on a flight, to get our car fixed up. It all involves spending time and usually it’s time spent doing absolutely… zilch.

It’s a shame really. If we all used the time we have spare to do something awesome, inspiring, or even a little selfish to improve our health, then we’d probably be doing better.

High-level tasks are difficult under time constraint

Cramming in an article is near-impossible. You have to think of an idea, write at least a few hundred words, and then publish.

I tried to start off a new project today but was waiting for an internet engineer to show up. Right after that, I was waiting for my crappy car to get repaired.

Finishing off and committing the latest feature for your software isn’t easy within a 10 minute gap.

You have to think about the structure of your data, the Butterfly effect of your actions, and what the hell you’re going to write.

Try low-level tasks instead

There’s not much you can when you’ve got a short amount of time and a high-level task. I guess you could try a lower level task.

Reply to the email you’ve been putting off for the last few days. Submit the contact form you’ve been ignoring to arrange an appointment with your Physio. Order the batteries for your remote control at home.

I’m writing about something that interests me every day for a year. This is day 82 of 365. ✌️