Why You Should Watch The Amazing Race

I never used to be the least bit interested in travel. I thought the prospect of getting on a plane thousands of miles away from home was super scary.

But then, whilst visiting Canada I watched the CBS show ‘The Amazing Race’. It was really insightful.

I know it’s almost certainly staged and the contestants have security (or at least producers) escorting them around and keeping them safe, but it made be see traveling around the world isn’t as scary as it seems.

You book your tickets, accommodation, get on the plane, and BAM. You’re there. Easy as pie. Not so scary. And going places gives you amazing memories.

I remember landing in Toronto for the first time and seeing the city spanning along Lake Ontario.

I remember touching down in Vancouver and walking along the hideous airport carpet from the 80’s (seriously, someone needs to rip that up and replace it).

I remember jumping out the taxi in Montréal in the depth of night and shuffling around in the freezing snow finding the obscure apartment.

They’re all great memories I’ll treasure.

I want more, and I think I have the travel bug because of shows like The Amazing Race. At the very least, they give me ideas about where to go next!

I’m writing about something that interests me every day for a year. This is day 65 of 365. ✌️