Act Like an Extrovert and Get More Done
Chris Sowers

I believe there is confusion over the concept of introversion and extroversion. The former is not the same thing as shyness, nor the latter the same as confidence. Introversion simply put means that you require time alone to regain energy and relax. Extroverts, on the other hand, require external stimulation and socialisation to achieve the same.

As for the telling of jokes and giving people compliments being exclusive to extroverts, that made me laugh. The advice you gave, although nothing to do with extroversion, is good. Smiling and generally having a positive demeanour in social interactions will leave a good impression upon others. Likewise, small talk is typically necessary to begin a conversation that later develops into something more meaningful. In both of these, as you say, attempting to have a genuine interest is key.

Achieving such things may not come naturally to some people (regardless of intro/extroversion) but with practice they can be developed.