Does Chris Brown have a praying Grandmother?

Thanks to Twitter, I was reminded that all this Chris Brown news is just a distraction from what’s really important… the return of the $5 Box at Popeyes.

Time after time, Christopher finds himself engulfed in some manner of erroneous crime that is leading me to believe that he in fact doesn’t have a praying matriarch in his family. Or maybe he is paying for some sin of a past life. Whichever it maybe, this latest incident seems to be right on time with the singer’s quarterly headline.

I am the epitome of jerk chicken and “out of many, one people”, but correct me if my Jamaican self is wrong; wasn’t Brown utilizing his right as seen in the 4th Amendment? I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Yes, this man indeed has a past littered with poor life choices and a bevy of mistakes, but one cannot deny him his American right as it is clearly written in the Amendments to the Constitution.

“How are you hating outside the club, you can’t even get in.

I’m presuming he was reflecting on these words while waiting for cops to obtain a search warrant to investigate his premises. Evidently he was accused of pulling a gun on a woman, in his own home. Im not a fan of victim blaming, but what person in their right mind would willingly befriend Christopher knowing his checkered past. I mean, to each their own, but I feel like that is a “may the odds ever be in your favor” scenario that you just don’t want to worry yourself with.

This entire scenario just seems like a case of law officials having entirely too much time on their hands. With all honesty, as a black Man, I wouldn’t be very willing to face them either (given their trigger happy nature as of late). Chris probably has a fear of turning into a hashtag.

If this whole situation went south as reported, I pray the proper law proceedings transpire.