The Hollywood Adjacent Dream: *Loosely Exactly Nicole

The fact that no one told me that Nicole Byer’s new series premiered proves that I need to enlist a new harem of friends. Three episodes in, I’m hooked. Fall is usually the season when I’m reminded why I actually pay for cable, and the imminent fall-lineup is making these monthly payments much more bearable.

If you don’t know who Nicole Byer is, your life is lacking and it is my Christian duty to rectify this. Byer is a comedian, whose vulgarity and reliability has provided witty commentary on the hit MTV show Girl Code, and more recently the woman who assaulted our hearing on the MTV awards. My hearing recently forgave her.

Her new venture, Loosely Nicole, is a loose autobiographical depiction of Byer’s journey to selling her soul a.k.a. “stardom.” Set in the city of Taco Tuesday, LA, Byer is an aspiring actress who shares her frustrations on the lack of diversity in her field. Armed with an arsenal of vaginal empowerment quotes, seemingly a lack of gag reflex, and a gay best friend, Byer sets to take on a world that offers three-dimensional, inclusive roles to women of color.

As it is, roles like Big Butt Bertha — a woman as wide as she is horny — are the options Byer is faced with. The frustration for lack of inclusivity ignites a fire in this comedian to set out and change the future…or at least get tacos. Byer journeys to right this wrong while partaking in the swindle known as “adulting” which comes with bills and swiping left in hopeless places — Tinder.

This comedy isn’t intended for everyone, and if you’re someone who walks awkwardly from the stick in your butt, this might not be your cup of tea. This show pushes the envelope, so if you’re easily offended, you’ll spend the next three days creating think pieces on how this show is the worst thing since five day work weeks.

But for me, three episodes in and I’m definitely swiping right on this series and cannot wait to see how it evolves.