How I Escaped Size “Husky” By Never Dieting

I think it’s time for a new approach to food and the role it plays in our overall health.

Growing up, I was always a little overweight and out of shape. I vividly remember trips to Kohls to buy new clothes and spending the majority of the time being dressed by my mother in the dreaded size “husky”. If you’ve ever had the experience of being labeled by a word that by definition described your size, it is not a boost to one’s self-esteem.

During this time, around the early 2000s, there was a massive explosion of “diet” books that ranged from The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, and Weight Watchers to name a few. I tried them all, believing with the utmost confidence that strictly following the parameters defined by one person, an “expert”, would be my salvation from the solitary confinement of the husky section.

There were times when I saw results. Nothing major, but results nonetheless. I remember being gung-ho about The Atkins Diet for quite some time, convinced that avoiding the evil carbohydrate would eliminate fat and give me the lean and toned body I always dreamed. I religiously ate “protein” style hamburgers, ritualistically destroyed every piece of bread within a 10 mile radius, and dipped pork rinds in sour cream with the confidence of someone who knew they had found the secret to getting thin. (Yes, pork rinds are recommended on The Atkins Diet).

What I soon realized, however, is that these “diets”, were defining my relationship with the food and blindly compartmentalizing into categories of good and evil. Not only that, but the word diet itself implies time parameters, a beginning and an end. “I’m starting a diet”, “I’m on a diet”, “That’s not part of my diet”.

We psychologically approach dieting as a challenge which can be completed, then drive ourselves back to the foods we so desperately avoided as our reward. Thus, the cycle begins again.

Eat whatever you want, start to feel shitty, find the hot diet of the moment, vow this time will be different, then feel irresistibly drawn back to the foods you miss.

So, how did I avoid this cycle and how can you as well? Amidst all of the white noise of what set of rules you should follow, there have always and will always be undeniable truths:

  • Lean proteins are good
  • Vegetables are good
  • Fruits are good
  • Seeds and nuts are good (if you aren’t allergic)
  • Season the above however the hell you want

That’s it. No secret formula, no defined commandments, no restrictions to keep you wanting. Armed with these undeniable truths, the possibilities are absolutely endless. The internet is inundated with recipes, so I won’t bore you with recommendations. Instead, I implore you incorporate a combination of any two of the above categories with every meal you eat.

Then (and this is best part), splurge your face off one day a week. Eat whatever the hell you want. Allow yourself to enjoy your relationship with food, not distance yourself from it like the plague.

Instead of “dieting”, start “fueling” your body, and I promise that your husky sized shorts will be visiting Goodwill soon enough.

Written by: Jarron Vosburg, Founder of Beatactive

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