How to start in Web Development

web Development is a really cool thing, You have the ability to make cool things, plus get paid for it. But there are many programming languages. So it is hard to decide what programming language to choose. Of course there are some programming languages that are better than others. But again you do need to start somewhere. Because you can’t as a starter try to understand how to create an app in java. So today i will be showing you the best programming languages and the best for a starter

For a starter you would have to start with HTML and CSS. Because even if you want to start developing Apps with the android jdk. You have to start with the simplest to get a basic understanding of how programming works. It is the best programming language to start with because the code is really simple to understand. And you will kind of get a basic understand of how other languages work once you get to them , so say you finished HTML and CSS and JavaScript. now you want to start PHP you will have a greater grasp of how it works. But the languages i would suggest to go from is this. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, SQL,

Now deciding The best programming languages to learn is a challenge to decide. because many programming languages do different things Say you want to learn App development, so for that you will learn Java. But if you want to web development you will mostly want to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So no opinions we will look at the facts. So first we will look at what kind of programming knowledge are employers are looking for, and what are the most popular according to votes of people. So The programming knowledge employers are looking for is web development. So companies are usually looking for full stack developers. and the most popular programming languages to learn in 2017 Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL. Those are the top 5 most popular programming languages. But if you do want to get into programming i suggest going online to, thenewboston he makes great programming tutorials. Another great way is buying a great book i read which was really helpful. If you would like to read it here is the link

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