Jarvis+ 2019 annual event summary

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2019 is coming to an end, and we are about to enter the second decade of the 21st century. On this special day, Jarvis+ once again expresses his gratitude to you who have always grown with us (´ ▽ `)

Simplify complexity and link the future

2019 is a year of constant growth for JarvisPlus. During this year we were fortunate to participate in many events, witness many major industry events, and meet many excellent partners. Let’s review with Xiaojia next!

Robot development

Just in the beginning of 2019, we have provided a “self-help application robot” service for everyone in Telegram. Jarvis + believes that the community is the foundation of the blockchain, and the Xiaojia robot is using AI to provide different intelligent services for your community. Now, we also provide a free trial service of smart robots on WeChat. Welcome to apply for a trial!

On Telegram, we also held a TelegramJarvis + Quize Channel group call-up activity. Users get points through the call-up and receive rich rewards. https://telegram.im/jarvisplus(Join us!)

Later, Jarvis+ also used his own technology to organize a Bounty Program event at Telegram, and get rewarded for adding task bots.

While doing the task, everyone got rewards, and the activity attracted many users!


Spring is coming quietly. In this season when everything is full of vitality, Jarvis + learns and communicates around the world. In the process, we have met excellent partners from all over the world and witnessed the development of blockchain and AI.

Jarvis + in the USA

In February, Jarvis + appeared at the NEO DevCon 2019 event. The event was held in Seattle, USA, and DevCon is one of NEO’s largest technology developer events each year. Jarvis +, as an artificial intelligence + blockchain project of NGC ecological investment under NEO, also delivered a speech with the theme [New Models of Jarvis + Will Help to Bring Token Economy to Off-Chain Business] at this event, and told Jarvis + How to help the community economy is full of dry goods, video link: https://b23.tv/av44053194

Jarvis + in Hangzhou, China

In May, Jarvis + participated in the [Global Blockchain Summit Forum] in Hangzhou, and set up a booth in the Crystal Palace of the Summit Forum. Through video and live demonstration methods, let everyone experience our AI, FAQ, scan code, join ticketing, self-service activation Bot function, showing how Jarvis + uses AI deep learning, NLP and chat robot jishu to empower the digital economy and the community economy.

The summit was guided by Hangzhou Finance Office and hosted by Babbitt. Under the smooth convening of the previous two summits, the summit has become one of the largest blockchain industry events in Hangzhou with the highest specifications, the largest scale and the most far-reaching influence. This event further promoted the application of blockchain, which is a feast of science and technology.

Jarvis + in Wuxi,China

Jarvis + also participated in the 5th “i Chuang Cup” Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Wuxi, and held a road show with the theme of [Jarvis + Artificial Intelligence Community Service Empowerment Platform]

With competition as the link, integrate Internet innovation and entrepreneurship resources, enhance the Internet innovation and entrepreneurship culture, and cultivate a new generation of information technology industries. Jarvis + sees the community as a business driver in the age of social dividends. Jarvis + is a tool and platform based on artificial intelligence and big data to serve the community and empower community economic participants.

Jarvis + in Hainan,China

From May 30th to June 2nd, Jarvis + co-hosted the [Global Overseas Chinese AI Summit Forum] in Sanya

The theme of this conference is “gather overseas Chinese, share opportunities, and promote the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong)”.

With the rapid development of machine learning, China’s artificial intelligence industry has entered a new era driven by the global wave. Promoting the development of artificial intelligence will directly promote the rapid upgrading and iteration of the original industry, and it is also one of the important opportunities for Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) to achieve overtaking in curved roads under new historical opportunities. Therefore, this Sanya Artificial Intelligence and Technology Innovation Forum will come into being.

Relying on the advantageous policies of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) and the unique natural environment resources, this forum will attract research institutions, technology transfer centers, enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of artificial intelligence to Sanya to build Sanya into a Frontiers in artificial intelligence.

In this forum, Jarvis+ also announced that it will host the [International Natural Language Short Text Processing and Design Competition], which will be launched in Sanya in October this year, which will fill the gap in the domestic short text field (mainly the community scene) .

The contest takes the real application of the dialogue system in the community operation scenario as an example, hoping to connect the top talents in the dialogue system field and jointly lead the industry technology development trend.

At this point, half of 2019 has passed. With the blockchain + AI gradually gaining popularity, Jarvis + wants to initiate a new revolution in the community economy.


Throughout the summer, the Jarvis + team has maintained a high degree of enthusiasm.

Jarvis+ has established a Vietnamese community.

The summer is here, and Jarvis+ wants to pass on our enthusiasm abroad. Jarvis+ has established a Vietnamese community, and 12,000+ users have joined in just a few days. The community has completed AMA, white paper, and bot interface with the support of volunteers Vietnamese translation, which lays the foundation for further internationalization of Jarvis+.

Jarvis+ and Microsoft jointly hosted Hackfest “Building the next generation of intelligent community brains based on MASS”;

JarvisPlus and the BTCU college blockchain community jointly hosted an AMA event (Ask Me Anything), with the theme “Driving the community economy with AI and returning data to the hands of users”.

Jarvis+ also participated in the online sharing of Woundless Community, with the theme “Driving the community economy with AI and returning data to the hands of users” to share Jarvis + ‘s thoughts on the future community economy.

Driving the community economy with AI and returning data to the hands of users

Stephen Wu, the founder of JarvisPlus, participated in the American University Alumni Association and shared themes. In his speech, Stephen led everyone to review the three milestones of human development, and explain the development prospects of the token economy through the change of organizational form.


Jarvis+ in Beijing,China

Autumn is here, JarvisPlus and Microsoft co-host a big discussion on the future trend of AI + blockchain in Beijing

At this event, we are very honored to invite a number of experts to participate and share their insights on blockchain and AI to the enthusiastic audience, especially analyzing the actual landing scenarios of AI technology and applications. In addition, industry cores including academia, Microsoft, JarvisPlus, DFKI, BIKI, NGC, X-Order, Timestamp Capital, and academia participated. The entire discussion was full of dry goods, and you can also check through the past passage.

Jarvis+ in Wuzhen,China

Subsequently, Jarvis+ participated in the second World Blockchain Conference hosted by Babbitt in the beautiful Wuzhen, and set up a booth for on-site sharing.

This conference will gather more than a hundred experts and scholars in the global blockchain, digital assets, AI, and 5G fields, and technology leaders, with the theme of “applications without boundaries”, focusing on the application of blockchain, technological frontiers, industry trends, and Hot issues are discussed to enable blockchain ecological innovation and evolution.The JarvisPlus project combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide intelligent and high-quality services to the community through AI Bot. It is precisely because of the practicality of the product that not only many B-side customers came to discuss cooperation opportunities at the event site, but also attracted many blockchain enthusiasts to experience our robots. The atmosphere at the site was extremely warm, and we also met in this event Many partners.


The weather is getting colder. With the advent of winter, Jarvis+ brings prize-winning quiz activities on Thanksgiving.

Jarvis+ uses its own technology to develop small games such as idioms, robots, guessing movies, and quick answers. Winter brings a little joy to everyone.

These are the main ecological activities of Jarvis + this year. If you have any ideas about the activities, please feel free to contact us!

Jarvis+ is a decentralized intelligent community solution provider. Its core members are from the Microsoft AI team. Investors include distributed capital, NEO, LongHash and other blockchain investment institutions. During the year, we have several new partners:

Jarvis+ reaches strategic cooperation with German Artificial Intelligence Research Center (DFKI)

DFKI is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Europe. It has been in the field of natural language processing (NLP) for 30 years. After that, the two parties will work closely in multiple dimensions in the field of natural language processing to share the scientific research results of both parties.

Jarvis+ cooperates with GameFarmer, a well-known domestic game service platform.

When Jarvis+ deployed GameFarmer to operate and incubate blockchain games, he helped it work on the construction and operation of the community and successfully achieved good results. In the next stage, Jarvis + will be transformed to serve Game Farmer’s smart Contract work.

Jarvis+ and Kucoin reach strategic cooperation

Jarvis + will provide Kucoin with a complete smart community solution, and the two parties will deepen cooperation in the “community +” field. In the future, Kucoin’s global community will use the artificial intelligence community services provided by Jarvis + to improve customer satisfaction and value discovery.

Jarvis+ partners with True Chain

TrueChain is the world’s earliest hybrid formula public chain. It has designed and implemented the initial consensus hybrid protocol. It has been recognized by many domestic and foreign (initial chain) professionals. In order to further expand its international influence, it launched a bounty through the Jarvis + bounty platform. Events to quickly expand their global community.

Just in the first 7 days of the event, the number of people attracted by TrueChain’s Telegram platform has exceeded 12,000, the number of followers on Twitter account has increased by nearly 3,000, and it has also been significantly active on other media platforms; meanwhile, the official wallet of TrueChain App downloads have increased hundreds of times, and the activity of TrueChain’s overall community has grown exponentially, exceeding the initial expectations of the project side.

Jarvis+ establishes strategic partnership with Nezha platform

Jarvis + partners with the Nezha platform to provide a more powerful community operation management solution, covering community creation, community user growth, community user maintenance, community smart assistant, and community Business insight and analysis, etc., the community scenarios covered by the solution include: blockchain, micro-business, online education, games, sharing communities, financial technology, etc.

Jarvis+ cooperation with Microsoft

Jarvis + and Microsoft will build the next generation of intelligent community brains based on MASS: Jarvis + (JarvisPlus) and Microsoft have jointly organized a Hackfest event to further enhance the performance of the new generation of artificial intelligence engine MASS in the blockchain field. MASS is a new general pre-training method MASS proposed by Microsoft Research Asia at ICML 2019, which fully surpasses BERT and GPT in sequence-to-sequence natural language generation tasks. Jarvis + and Microsoft conduct scientific research cooperation in multiple rounds of multi-person dialogue, Chinese corpus, short text and other fields, further improving the accuracy of MASS in community short text and Chinese.

The above is the rich experience of Jarvis +. We will continue to launch new activities and continue to share the latest industry information. Please continue to follow us (• ̀ ω • ́)

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