Jarvis+ 2019 annual technical summary

Jan 3 · 6 min read

In an instant, 2019 is over. This year, Xiaojia Robot entered the WeChat community. Thanks to everyone in the Jarvis+ community for supporting Xiaojia. Looking forward to bringing you more convenience and surprises in 2020!

Simplify complexity and link the future

2019 is a year of constant growth for JarvisPlus. During this year we were fortunate to participate in many events, witness many major industry events, and meet many excellent partners. Let’s review with Xiaojia next!
Jarvis+ community service robot is a real IM robot with learning and interaction that uses artificial intelligence deep learning technology and massive data. Provide a complete community solution for Jarvis+ community service robot growth hash, growth Hacker, active gamification community, and group big data analysis.
What tasks will JarvisPlus complete in 2019? Let’s review it with Xiaojia next!

WeChat robot-Xiaojia

In January 2019, WeChat robots were planned for research and development. In the next three months, through continuous optimization and improvement of the back-end system architecture, in April 2019, the 1.0 version of WeChat’s back-end was officially launched.

In the following days, Xiaojia successively implemented functions such as live code function, group message push, timed push, multi-handle function, group management and kicking.

Let’s briefly introduce some of the functions currently implemented by the Xiaojia robot.

On the chat page, send and receive information

You can use Xiaojia’s management background to send and receive chat information and quickly manage the community.

QnA customer service inquiry function

Xiaojia can trigger multiple answers based on the AI ​​confidence rate of a question.

Broadcast the latest information of the blockchain industry

As a chat robot combined with the blockchain, Xiaojia can also broadcast the latest information of the blockchain industry in real time.

Customization of development activities

It is worth mentioning that at present we have completed the development of Xiaojia’s management background activity configuration function support to support our own activity customization.

Improved the intelligent operation function of the Xiaojia robot

For example, Xiaojia robot points, idioms Solitaire, Q&A, movie guessing and other functions. A variety of games make the community alive, everyone scrambles to participate in the game, get points, and finally, Jarvis Plus presents beautiful Thanksgiving gifts to the winning players.

  • Integral function
  • Idiom Solitaire
  • Q&A
  • Guess the movie

Subsequently, we used the Xiaojia robot to carry out Thanksgiving activities in the WeChat community.

In this event, our AI intelligent operation community will use the Xiaojia robot’s idiom solitaire and knowledge quiz to carry out activities, and then use the Xiaojia robot’s point function to score and rank competitors.

The above is the basic summary of the development of WeChat robots in 2019. More features in the future are waiting for you to unlock with Xiaojia.

Telegram bounty robot

In addition to the development and improvement of WeChat robots, Jarvis+ also continued to improve and update and test Telegram bounty robots in 2019. At the beginning of the year, Jarvis+ completed the construction of the Telegram bounty robot. After a month of testing, the functionality and experience of the Telegram bounty robot was improved and improved. Let’s see what JarvisPlus has done with the editor!

Improved the Bounty Program Bot activation process

Accurately create seed users — — Use the Bounty program to attract new users and encourage users to add Bots. Bots guide users to complete tasks and reward them.
Growth fission — — Through the Bounty program sharing activity, users get rewards through fission “Direct reward: old users directly pull new users to get rewards indirect rewards: new users continue to pull people, old users can get indirect rewards”

Updated intelligent operation functions

Vitalize the community with voting activities, news feeds, answering questions and opening check-ins.

  • Voting activity
  • News push
  • Answer questions & open sign in

Continue to improve the FAQ robot

Connect to the V2 version of the chat interface, and automatically manage the community through the robot. Let AI be your community steward.

Bounty program activity was then launched on Telegram

We used the Telegram bounty robot to conduct a group response activity on TelegramJarvis+ Quize Channel.

This event uses the Bounty Program Bot development process developed by ourselves to support user participation. In addition, the Bounty Program Bot has been improved to 6 languages, eliminating language barriers for everyone.

The above is the basic summary of the development of the Telegram-end robot in 2019, and more features in the future are waiting for you to unlock with JarvisPlus.

Through the introduction above, you may already have a certain understanding of the Xiaojia robot and the Telegram bounty robot.

Jarvis+ uses AI deep learning, NLP, and chatbot technologies to solve the need for community growth and operations. It is the world ’s first social media platform that supports all major IM social platforms such as WeChat, Telegram, Discord, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack. Group solution.

data analysis

In addition to the above technical updates and improvements to the Xiaojia robot and Telegram bounty robot. In 2019, JarvisPlus developed and improved the data analysis function of social service robots.

List of group activities

Accurate public opinion analysis allows you to control the details of the community in real time and better manage and operate the community.

Semantic Analysis

Use AI for semantic analysis, support Chinese and English, and be able to recognize text emotions.

Classification of spam

The Telegram social service robot continuously learns and trains through deep neural networks. It has completed the identification and classification of 8 types of online spam, advertising, abusive, pornographic, political, violent, livelihood, and other.

Jarvis Plus is a decentralized chat tool service platform. Over the past year, we have continuously updated and developed our technology to provide services to every friend in the community. It is not only a personal assistant in chat software, but also a tool for creating smart contract services based on natural language, an intelligent economic data analyst, and a platform for people to connect to various services on the blockchain.

At the end of this article, thank you again for your support and companionship to Jarvis+!

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