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In recent years, New Social Medium has swept the entire mobile Internet. Today, most people in all walks of life cannot live without social media such as WeChat, Weibo, and TikTok. According to data, in 2019, WeChat has reached 1 billion monthly active users, and Weibo and TikTok also received up to 400 million monthly active users. What does this data mean?

To give an easy-to-understand example, why would someone spend millions to buy a small shop in New York, because of the “prime location”. What is a prime location? To put it bluntly, it is easy to attract users because of the large number of people.

After the flow of people from the physical world to the social network, the social media matrix has become the “prime location” for corporate brand social marketing, and social marketing is increasingly becoming the focus of brand marketing spending. But there are thousands of social media marketing methods. How can we attract and precipitate users?

Many people think that unique or creative content can attract users. Yes, it is easy to attract traffic through content marketing such as playing knowledge, playing tags, playing special effects, playing up to people, playing hot spots, etc. This is also the first step of social marketing to let people know you.

But what’s harder than diversion is traffic docking, the second step in social marketing, to get people to remember you. It’s not easy to do this. Some people say that if you want to retain customers, you need to be sincere and patient, but these alone can’t turn traffic into hardcore.

Because in the Internet era, the customer base you face is very large and complex, and various requirements will make you feel very difficult, especially in the absence of resources and teams, it is even more difficult to precipitate users. It’s harder. Therefore, we have to change our thinking.

Can marketing only be operated by people? Good operator may have rich experience and can provide high-quality, creative marketing solutions, but in the era of big data, artificial intelligence may be more dominant in social media marketing.

So, what are the advantages of AI in social media marketing?

Next, the editor will use the case of Jarvis+ to help a bank conduct WeChat community marketing through AI, and introduce how to make social media marketing as easy as breathing through AI.

The traditional social media marketing methods of the bank often have problems such as low conversion rates and high marketing pressure. Not just banks, these problems exist in most social media operations. In this issue we will use the case of the bank. Let us know how Jarvis+ help the bank through intelligent wechat community marketing.

The normal working mode of the bank is to guide customers offline to pay attention to the public account or download the APP. After downloading the APP, they will conduct related activities (registration, card binding, payment, financial management, etc.).
The current bank precipitation method for users is:

Such models tend to have lower functionality rates and poorer conversions. According to the analysis of the current model, the following problems exist:

● Wasted labor costs (requires manual guidance and service)
● Poor public account information transmission (will be dropped by various redundant public account information)
● Poor public account interactivity (sleeping fans)
● Customer is not sticky (it may be a one-time behavior)

As an intelligent marketing platform, unlike the traditional platform marketing model, Jarvis+ uses intelligent WeChat community marketing methods to help this bank achieve accurate drainage, efficient precipitation, intelligent operation in the later period, maintain the activity of WeChat group, and finally realize marketing monetization.

I. Precise drainage and efficient precipitation of users.

Different from the traditional WeChat group building method (artificial invitation or time-effective group QR code). This solution will be connected to an intelligent AI robot, which will first deposit the user to the WeChat diversion number, that is, the customer manager robot. The user will be diverted to the WeChat group through the standard Talk process. The subsequent intelligent robot will timely push the relevant marketing information to the point-to-point. Users in the group to achieve marketing monetization. The specific process is:

From customer scanning diversion QR code to joining the group to realize all automated operations, Jarvis+ community robot is an excellent carrier for spreading corporate information and marketing activities:
 ● Reduce operating staff costs (while community marketing activities inject more fun for users)
 ● Timeliness of information transmission (never late robots deliver information to customers on time every day)
 ● Real-time communication (massive database, all questions must be answered)
● Custom group activities (improve community participation and increase customer stickiness)

2.Community maintenance and multiple measures to increase activity

How to make a community lively is a question that every manager is thinking about. Jarvis+ provides the following functions to help operators solve community maintenance issues.

Starting from entering the group, Jarvis+ provides automatic reply function.
(1) The user will automatically reply by identifying the QC or adding a robot after scanning: XX Bank has you more exciting, welcome to add our official service niche WeChat. Then automatically send the group invitation link.
(2) After the user enters the group, the robot will reply automatically: Welcome [user name] to join the official community of XX Bank! (Welcome can be DIY in the background)

● Administrators can customize community activities.
After the user joins the WeChat community, the group performs corresponding activities on individuals to increase the community’s activity.

● Virtual KOL
Through the combination of multiple robots, a certain topic is discussed in the WeChat community according to the set script, which detonates the community’s activity.

● Public opinion analysis
By analyzing the chat content analysis of the users in the group, you can grasp the daily active number of users in the group, the mean of emotions, and the keyword cloud in the group.

Intelgent QNA
The intelligent AI matches relevant answer information by determining a variety of questioning methods from different angles.

3.Identifying user preferences and predicting potential user needs

Each user has their preferred product or business, so marketers need to choose the right marketing solution in addition to choosing the right target audience. Of course, you can directly ask users about their media preferences, but this does not guarantee that they will reply, not to mention that over time, the products that everyone wants to buy and consult may change.
The advantage of Jarvis + intelligent robot is that it can help enterprises integrate and identify user preference channels, help banks adjust marketing strategies, and maximize marketing results.

Public opinion analysis
Jarvis+ grasps user preferences and potential needs through intelligent public opinion analysis to realize the secondary use value of community data.
User portraiture
Jarvis+ intelligent robot optimizes the overall workflow of IM, gives users portraits, and organizes them in an organized way, and tokenizes users with the same portrait. Reduce management costs and improve work efficiency.

Account information exchange
Jarvis+ enterprise-level community marketing solution provides a set of standardized management processes to connect the dual-end information on IM channels through user portraits. Interoperate with the nodes of third-party APPs through small programs to help customers with effective management.

In the era of the rapid rise of the mobile Internet, big data and artificial intelligence have shown its infinite potential to the world. Jarvis + is not only about the existing intelligent customer service, nor is it simply tooling the WeChat protocol, but to really make good use of technology, reduce artificial labor through artificial intelligence, and connect with blockchain technology, through the encrypted data. Processing not only protects privacy, but also understands the needs of everyone in the community. Active communities and service communities, so that ordinary people can also benefit each other in the community. Simplify complexity and link to the future, your social network needs a Jarvis + intelligent robot!

That’s all for today. See you next time!

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