The Quiz Game Is Coming On Telegram,Come And Get JAR!

Mar 20 · 4 min read

In order to thanks for your support and trust in Jarvis+, we will use our own robot to hold a Quiz Game on the telegram group. Get JAR as long as you participate, come and join. Click to join the telegram group.(Group1Group2

When will this game start?


How to play?

Join Jarvis+ telegram group chat first!(click to join the chat group

You can say “start” in the group.If there are 8 other groups members say “ready” in 3 minutes, the Quiz Game will start immediately.

How about the reward?

You get 3 points for a correct answer and 1 point for a wrong answer.

How to get JAR?

Firstly, you should @jarvisplus_release_bot in the chat group to bind your ETH wallet and email, so that we can pay you JAR.

At the end of the Quiz Game, all participants will share a total of 10,000 JAR based on personal points.

Don’t miss out the interesting Quiz Game and free JAR.Wait for you in the Telegram Group.(Group1Group2

At the same time, the award-winning Q&A activity of WeChat Group also started.

The activity started at March20,2020 and will end on April 3, 2020. There will be 4 games a day. Including one Q&A and three idiom Solitaire.

Details of award-winning Q&A activity of WeChat group

If you give the right answer, 2–3points wil be awarded.

This activity uses points to exchange for rewards.First prize:Top 5, give the customized T-shirt of Jarvis+.Second prize:6–15, the fine Mugs of Jarvis+.

This activity will use our own robot named Xiaojia to operate.Scan the

following QR code to add our robot Xiaojia,and reply“有奖答题”to take

part in the activity.

Scan the QR code and subscribe our official account on Wechat!

That is all for today. Wait for you both in the Telegram Group1Group2 and Wechat Group.

Scan the QR code and subscribe our official account on Wechat!

Wechat: JarvisPlus

Official Website:



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