Digital Nomad — what does it mean and is it something I want to become?

~ 29.08.16

Sitting here in the Cheesecake Factory at Macy’s San Francisco contemplating the meaning of life and my life’s purpose. I am facing an interesting dilemma which I am not sure I am able to reconcile right now. I have been reading about the ‘digital nomad movement’ and how it is changing how people work and earn a living. The thing is, whilst this idea sounds like it would align with the nomadic lifestyle I am working towards leading, I am not sure how to make it work without becoming a ‘social media personality’. I wish to lead a meaningful and ‘on purpose’ life of helping others, however I don’t necessarily wish to be ‘plugged in’ all the time and sharing every aspect of my life, even if just for a while, to ‘make it’ and ‘get there’. There has to be a way to follow my purpose, write and share with the world whilst at the same time maintaining my values and integrity… Does anyone have some insight as to how this can be done?