Matt Fry

1. Lead pastor of C3 church in North Carolina

2. Married to Martha

3. Church launched in 1998

4. Began in an elementary school

5. Several thousand attend church regularly

6. Serves on leadership team for the Association of Related Churches

7. Also serves on the Children’s Cup Mission Organization

8. Has his first book coming out… “I Am”

9. Book will be released on May 2, 2017

10. Book includes 31 “I Am” promises to declare over your life

11. Grew up in Nashville, TN

12. Church has total of three services

13. Former youth pastor at Homestead Heights

14. Church located on a 47-acre tobacco farm

15. Graduated from Liberty in the 80’s

16. Daughter is a senior at Liberty

This source is reliable because it is his church’s website

This source is reliable because it is his own personal blog

This source is reliable because Christianity Today is a well-respected Christian news organization

This source is reliable because Matt has produced several videos for the company

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