What is Good Writing?

Good writing has many different characteristics. Some of these things can be debated or argued, however I believe that some qualities are true about all great writing. I believe that good writing must always be relevant to the targeted audience, create emotion, and bring the story to life.

Have you ever read something and thought about why this is even considered relevant? Most of the time, writing is relevant in some form but if it’s not targeted to the correct audience it serves no purpose.

Imagine if someone were to write about the upcoming Super Bowl and post it into the Classifieds section of the local newspaper. The story itself is relevant, however the targeted audience is not being reached. In order for a story to be completely relevant, it must be published in an area that the targeted audience is going to receive it.

Another characteristic of good writing is that it must be able to create emotion. Some of the most important writings in history created emotion in people. Take for example, The Federalist Papers.

In a time when the pending US Constitution was in serious question, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay took to the pen in order to create excitement for the new form of government. The writings took citizens who were indifferent or against the new Constitution to excited about the changes being made. If the Federalist Papers would have been unable to stir up emotion in the people, our lives today might be completely different.

Lastly, good writing is always able to bring the story to life. Sometimes this is the hardest part of writing as someone can have an intriguing storyline and good information but can still be ineffective if the audience is unable to create the story in their minds.

When bringing the story to life, the writer must use adjectives and descriptions in order to help the audience create an image. Creating an image brings the reader in and helps them more easily understand what is going on.

Good writing is sometimes hard to come by, but when it is published it can have a huge impact on the culture (as seen by the Federalist Papers). Good writing comes in many different forms but they all share several things in commons. All good writing is able to connect to the audience, create emotion, and bring the story to life.

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