What are… the Four Clairs?

Clairvoyance — Clear Seeing

  • Seeing through our mind’s eye (sometimes referred to as a third eye, or second sight)
  • Ability to see events, actions and objects outside of the present
  • Visions are generally symbolic, not literal
  • Auras, surrounding both people and objects, can often be seen

Clairaudience — Clear Hearing

  • Ability to detect words or sounds from the ethereal realm
  • Can receive information through outer, or inner voices
  • Voices heard are generally spirit guides
  • Joan of Arc and the Apostle Paul were said to be Clairaudient


  • Ability to obtain knowledge by sense, or feeling
  • Someone who senses energy or vibrations of people, places and animals
  • Clairsentients often feel a person’s physical and emotional pain, in the place on the body it occurred
  • Twins are often clairsentient — knowing when the other is hurt or how they are feeling


  • Intuitive, psychic knowledge without reasonable explanation
  • Can see into the future and into the past
  • No limitations as to what may be known or discovered
  • Information is channelled through the Crown Chakra

NB; There are in fact more than four Clairs, but these are the most recognised.

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