“I’m Not Good Enough” Probably Means You Will Get Good Enough
James Altucher

Humility or bravado both work. Depends on the person.

You either back it up if you’re humble or you back it up if you have the balls to talk big game.

Someone who is humble typically doesn’t want to overpromise, even though internally they know they are capable of delivering beyond their words. They hold back to mitigate risk. It is how they work best.

The braggadocio approach, however, fires up the opposite group of folks. People who need that public accountability of making big claims to deliver bigger than if they didn’t make any claims. Being humble means mediocre results for this crowd.

I’ve seen this through my years of marketing to thousands of people in both the B2B and B2C space.

Tell one group to take one approach if they are programmed for the other, will result in sub par experiences and results.

Tell Gary Vaynerchuk to be a Mike Massimino and he won’t be Gary Vee.