Daddy’s Girl
Wendy Ewing

  • Wendy, lots of work to do. I was a daddy’s girl. Lost mine to cancer, we had our goodbye talk on Friday, God’s Angel’s took him home the next Monday. Daddy knew I would take his death the hardest so our goodbye talk he told me about when he left and my heart would break but he promised me all the love I felt for him would in time find a place in my broken heart and I would love like never before. Two years later I am finding out what that love my daddy told me about it. Never the same when your parent dies but the love I feel and share is a blessing for me. It gives me a peace I can’t explain. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit. So now we need to talk about your faith. That is personal. I have a strong background, starting early my parents had me in a Lutheran Church, married a Baptist so I am now a lover of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I don’t go to Church like I should, but I am in constant conversation with God. Took a walk on danger ended up addiction. I can’t breathe without my beliefs. Prayer is something I cherish. I pray you find it. Did you see the moon recently! God’s did that. Wendy you are a survivor, when birthdays roll around you will celebrate all the wonderful memories. You will have all the ghosts of the past out of your head. All you do is write them on a piece of paper either burn bad memories or release them in balloons. You are very creative. You have to much positive going on to look back. By the way your not going that way.
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