Do you want to #twittersmarter?

On February 16, 2017, Madalyn Sklar and Aaron Lee shared their insights of the twitter world with us via a twitter chat on #twittersmarter. I learned many interesting facts from that day, in addition from ones that we have learned from #UFSMM. Throughout the hour chat, I was able to read and learn more about the ‘twitterverse’ and form a more steady grasp on the delicate world of twitter. There were infographics that I thought proved most helpful, and questions I had not even fathomed. During the chat, there was even a link on how to participate in a tweet chat! A quote that Ms. Sklar herself had tweeted that really hit home to me was “‘A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step’ ~Confucius.[1]” I can correlate the tweet to myself because I am just learning how to make my way in this huge twitter world, and I do need to just take that first step, and as Ms. Sklar said: “Engage. Engage. Engage.[2]

Some other, somewhat arbitrary, topics that were brought up during the chat were the unfair treatment of children in a Baharampur school[3], the news that Apple’s WWDC is moving to San Jose[4], food culture[5], and many others. Ms. Sklar and Mr. Lee were both impeccable at responding to these tweets, and the flow at the conversation did not feel forced. Ms. Sklar’s periscope chats added to the experience as well. Instead of having to watch a chat for an hour, I was given direct instruction on “How to Create and Promote a Lead Magnet on Twitter[6]” where I learned valuable information that I had not known prior. There were people from all over the world communicating ideas, injecting new conversations, and even advertising their businesses.

A good point that user @NThickett made is that using social media services allows companies to shy away from ‘cold calling’ and can use these new platforms to create a different form of marketing. Rather than having to randomly call someone out of the blue to see if they want to buy something, you can mass market to people who are actually interested in the product or the conversation. It allows the customer and the seller to build relationships rather than just being polite in the circumstance[7].

The conversation for the entire hour was quite interesting. The posts swayed from political jabs and insults to gifs of dogs dancing, but all of them were entertaining and it was interesting to see how people from all over the world were interacting with each other on the platform. I learned how to correctly compose tweets, when to tweet them, and how to promote them, should I chose to in the future. It was a fantastic way for me to broaden my horizons in the world of Social Media Marketing.