Introducing Thrive Style: The New Power Dressing
Arianna Huffington

I just ended a 15 year career as an Officer in the Air Force. Wearing the same thing every day was liberating. Looking back, I can say that I never, ever thought about my “body” while I was at work. I never thought anyone was looking at me in any way, other than to check my rank. Now, I find it gruelling to find the right and appropriate thing to wear in the many different cultural and business arenas I’m working in. I find my efforts to cultivate a sense of personal style to be tiresome. I love the idea of repeats. So much, I wish I could just wear a slip dress, or black pants and a white shirt every day and spend my brain power doing other important things! My husband wears the exact same thing every day and gets away with it; a black button up shirt and either dress pants or jeans. Jacket optional. Lucky…

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