Bed Sheet Sets · What is the Best Thread Count For Your Bedroom?

What is the Best Thread Count For Your Bedroom? — Bed Sheets

Thread count is sometimes a mystery to many shoppers looking for new sheets and bedding. Most consumers shop for sheet sets because their sheets are beginning to wear or start to have the annoying rubbing effect. Wear and tear on sheets happens over time due to everyday use, washing and drying, and the “whisker and hair rub effect.” You will start to see bare spots in your sheets or “balling” of the sheet, which means tiny circles that come to the surface.

You begin your search for replacement sheets and are overwhelmed by the styles, colors, fabric, and thread count measure. Thread count in layman terms is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. It may range from 80 up to 1,000, with an average of 200. Essentially, the higher the count, the softer and more durable the fabric is. This usually makes all the difference to the consumer. The higher thread count sheet is usually a bit more expensive, but in the end the consumer will enjoy the sheets more due to the comfort and longevity. However, pay attention to the care of the fabric of higher counts. Most will be machine washable, but some of the very high counts may require dry cleaning. This may not be in your best interest if you are looking to keep the long-term costs to a minimum. Be sure and check the tags or ask the supplier to verify before buying.

You will need to keep in mind the cost, longevity, and style when determining what sheet set is best for you. If you are looking for the long-term and most comfortable solution, you may choose the sheet sets with higher thread counts (if looking for softer we recommend anything above 200). However, if it is simply for a short-term solution such as a guest room that is rarely used or for a child’s room, lower thread counts may be appropriate. Remember that you can always look online if retail stores have thread counts that may appear out of your budget.

Other considerations may include flannel sheets sets if warmth is your main consideration. Cotton/Polyester blends are best if your main concern is lack of wrinkles. 100% cotton sheet sets will be soft and feel almost like flannel. Egyptian cotton is at the top of the ladder with the softest fibers.

In the end, determine your wants and needs ahead of time so that you are ready to brave any challenge of thread count for sheet sets. You will be well prepared and ready to make your decisions. Most people may not put this much thought into their sheets, but you will find you will be much happier and rest easier if you feel good about your purchases. Think of it this way: most people like to sleep comfortably in their sheets. Do you think it is worth putting a little extra time into achieving comfortable sleep?

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