Daily Life at the Monastic Academy (with pictures)

A short tour

Can I say “paint a picture” and then post a photo? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [Photo by Blake Jones]
Same building, different vantage point. Much snow. Such winter. [Photo by Christopher ‘SanShin’ Russell]
You can’t fully see it, but the shelf on the bottom right is filled with dozens of vitamins, supplements, and skincare products I plan to gradually test out.

Awakening and Responsibility

The Daily Schedule (Responsibility weeks)

[Photo by Peter Williams]
My cushion is on the left, closest to the camera.
[Photo by Christopher ‘SanShin’ Russell]
[Photo by Christopher ‘SanShin’ Russell]
[Photo by Christopher ‘SanShin’ Russell]
This is the Yin lounge. I’m currently sitting where that far pillow is!
The other side
This is the Yang lounge. I just realized, looking at this photo, that I messed up the pillows and forgot to put them back in their right place 😳
Yes, there’s a big TV at the monastery 😂
Those double doors are the main entrance. Sometimes I sit on those couches. Above is a loft. The door on the right leads to the pantry and kitchen, and behind me is the fireplace which you can see in one of the early pictures above (in the “wake up” section)
I utterly failed at getting a good loft photo, but, uh, there’s a loft, and you can also work there.




Chaotic good

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Chaotic good

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