do you anticipate every friendship to be something more
I like your piece and appreciate your observations about polyamory, but I have a question about how…
Millicent B Accardi

Not at all, though I can understand why you would ask. My friendships rarely become “more”, so there’s no reason to anticipate that they will. It’s more just an openness to letting it be whatever it is, and not forcing it in any particular direction. It nearly never becomes “more”, it just theoretically could.

There’s also a lot of nuance that I just couldn’t really fit into this article, but I might touch on it in a later post. For example, if I’m friends with someone who is in a monogamous relationship, that door to “more” remains firmly shut, and I have no issue with that. Or if there are one-sided feelings, that door will probably remain shut too. There are still plenty of situations where what I wrote about here is more of a nice ideal than actually practical in its entirety — but I start with the ideal and go from there :)

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