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Free transportation for life

I've been privileged to be able to own both of Tesla's models (Roadster and Model S sedan) over the past four years. During that time I drove 15k+ miles and…

Took a year, but I think we figured out mobile news: Inside 3.0

It’s taken me a year of iteration on Inside.com, but I think my team and I have figured out mobile news. This team of…

Awesome eight apps contest!

We’re running a contest to win one of 100 Builder Passes, 10 VIP Tickets, and one coveted Super VIP pass to the LAUNCH Festival.

Here is how it works:

a) Download any 8 of the 12 following Apps (I’m investors in them!)

b) Place them on one screen on your phone & take a screenshot, like this:

If you want to come in first, aim for second

My partner on Weblogs, Inc., Brian Alvey, wrote a solid blog post about me being a “fast follower” with a lot of the products in my career. It…

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humanity is in a bit of rut. we need to try more creative solutions to our problems and act in unison.

Be the sponge, not the rock

My pal Adeo asked me a prescient question today: which would I rather invest in: a) a solid team with deep experience in a vertical, or b) a supremely talented…

(David) Sacks’ Law: If you want to bet on startups based on what they could be, you gotta see founders for who they could be

Microsoft is interesting again — very

Microsoft has been largely dead to Silicon Valley because for the past decade they struggled in — or completely missed — the last five major…

Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months (prediction)

Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months — it’s a lock (in my mind).

The Mission

Your humble, 365-days blogger is exhausted. For the past two weeks I’ve been carrying a huge load, including:

About the truth …

“You can’t know the whole truth, but if there is one, it lies in the space between two people.” — David Carr, September 8, 1956-February 12, 2015

How to save money running your startup

Years ago I wrote a blog post on how to save money running your startup, and it was one of the most popular things I’ve ever written.